At Baker Orthodontics, we know that there are many orthodontic practices to choose from, so we want you to know what sets us apart. Our goal is to make our patients feel like part of our family.

We take the time to listen to and cater to the individual needs and concerns of our patients. Dr. Baker is very thorough in diagnosing and treatment planning and he will spend time making sure that our patients are comfortable with the recommended treatment. He takes a comprehensive view of the problem, and seeks a treatment solution that will result in not only a beautiful smile, but a balanced face as well. He is very hands-on with his treatment style and personally sees each patient at every visit. All this is what we mean by our slogan, “Hand-Crafted Smiles.” Would you like to know how we're doing with this? Why not check out our Patient Testimonials page?

A word about treatment timing for children: There are varying philosophies in the orthodontic world on what is the best time to begin treatment, and what problems should be treated early. Dr. Baker has developed a conservative approach to treatment timing. There are certain specific problems that can and should be treated as early as age seven or eight (the best age for a first examination), such as creating and maintaining space; however, we feel that most orthodontic problems are best treated when all of the permanent teeth are coming in. Many studies have shown that single-phase treatments provide results that are comparable to two-phase treatments, but they do it with much less cost to the patient and much less time in the orthodontic office. Our approach is to see the patient early and monitor the development until the timing is right before beginning treatment.

Here is a list of some other things that we are quite proud of:

  • We use state-of-the-art techniques and materials, including:
    • Self-ligating braces in your choice of clear ceramic or metal, regular twin braces, and invisible lingual braces.
    • In addition, we offer clear aligner treatments, including Invisalign® (Dr. Baker has been a certified Invisalign provider since 2000), and MTM.
    • Fully digital and ceramic LightForce® braces, which are customized to your teeth, and can reduce treatment time.
  • We use indirect bonding for placement of braces, which increases accuracy and patient comfort and shortens appointment times.
  • We offer occasional early (7am) or late (6pm) hours and Dr. Baker is available for after-hour emergency visits if needed.
  • We are a small practice with one doctor and we focus on providing very personalized care for each patient.
  • We use our own in-office digital records, so there is no need to send you to a lab.
  • We use in-office digital 3D scanning, allowing computerized treatment projections for better, more predictable outcomes.
  • We offer some of the latest innovations in orthodontic treatment technology, including TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices), which can greatly improve orthodontic treatment outcomes.

Our practice philosophy is, in a nutshell:

We will treat you as if you were a member of our own family.

We will recommend for you only the treatment that we feel is in your very best interest.

We will begin treatment only when you are ready, and then we will work very hard to create for you the beautiful, healthy smile that you have dreamed of having.